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- File import tutorial (PDF format)


- supported GEDCOM version/form: 5.5 lineage-linked only
- supported GEDCOM character sets: ANSEL, ANSI, ASCII, MACINTOSH, UNICODE and UTF-8 only
- custom event types are displayed as "other"
- GEDCOM file size limit is currently set to 4 Mb (4096 Kb)*

* Please be aware that importing large files can take up to 2-3 minutes, depending on the number of records stored within the file. Start-up time with large files can also be increased. I personally recommend using files containing around 5000 individuals.

Known issues:

- Files containing blank (but not empty) lines may confuse the import algorithm (will be fixed in 2.3)
- Files generated by MacFamilyTree and containing multiline notes may cause import issues (workaround: exclude notes from the export or from the file itself. an actual fix is being devised)

Version history:

2009-04-26 (2.2)
- new "Pad" feature: text entries can now be associated to individuals and families and can later be viewed on the device or sent via e-mail for merging back into a desktop application (this is not an automated merge feature - it basically replaces carrying a note pad around)
- dates are now parsed and localized (feature can be disabled through the Settings app)
- database statistics are now available through the Tools tab
- people and union indexes can now be searched
- fixed issue affecting some individuals with multiple NAME tags

2009-03-24 (2.1)
- fixed issue affecting individuals with multiple NAME tags in the GEDCOM file
- fixed duplicate entries issue in individual and union index
- fixed GEDCOM event parsing issue
- improved GEDCOM text encoding support (mainly UTF-8)
- old UI is now available through a toggle in the Settings app (screen rotation will not be available if active)

2009-03-12 (2.0)
- significant UI overhaul
- performance improvements
- ability to import files directly over WiFi (built-in web server)
- all individual and family events are now supported
- event sources are now managed

2008-12-03 (1.4)
- improved GEDCOM parsing code
- various user interface improvements (localized sorting, confirmation prompts, etc.)
- a default start-up individual can now be specified
- file size limit increased to 4 Mb
- further performance increases during import and application start-up
- significantly reduced memory footprint
- added French language support throughout the application

2008-11-19 (1.3)
- improved GEDCOM parsing code
- UNICODE and UTF-8 character sets now supported
- file size limit increased to 1 Mb
- marked performance increases during import and application start-up

2008-11-07 (1.2)
- improved GEDCOM parsing code
- fixed an issue when dealing with single parent (or parent-less) family records
- ASCII character set is now properly recognized
- minor user interface improvements

2008-10-26 (1.1)
- improved GEDCOM parsing code
- enforced a hard 250 Kb limit on data files to prevent excessive performance hits
- fixed an issue with lengthy application start-ups
- temporary files created during import are now deleted
- the internal database is now properly emptied between file imports

2008-10-22 (1.0, initial release)


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