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NOTE: this application is no longer available.

FlashWords is a simple application for practicing basic foreign vocabulary skills. It contains a 500-word categorized dictionary with translations in 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Romanian and Traditional Chinese). The dictionary was created manually and is not based on any existing material or web site. Its contents are mainly nouns.

FlashWords provides an intuitive user interface and the ability to select both languages (source and destination), offering 56 different combinations. A word lookup feature is also available as a convenience, although this application is not meant to be used as a dictionary.


- Simple, user-friendly interface
- Does not require a network connection
- 500-word, 8-language categorized dictionary
- Ability to switch between all language combinations (56 different combinations)


- English, French, Spanish


- Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch
- Requires iPhone 2.2.1 Software Update